Mar 29, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Thursdays

Whaaa? awkward: I just realized today is Thursday...and it's 1pm. awesome: Tomorrow is Friday. It got here so fast. Apparently that means it was a good week!

awkward: My car. I've said a million times that I am going to "drive it 'til the wheels fall off". I am getting every mile I can out of my car. Last night I discovered that my car is making an attempt at me using it even longer because instead of the wheels actually falling off, I think the driver side door is making an attempt at jumping ship! My car is really not that old. I've seen 70s model boat cars driving around that are totally hoopty, but my '04 model Eclipse has just had enough. Don't get me wrong, I think it's hilarious that I continue to drive it almost in hopes of morphing it into a jeep one day when the door actually falls off in the parking lot. Let's be honest, wouldn't a story about how my door actually fell off my car in a crowded parking lot make the best Awkward and Awesome Thursday post ever? awesome: I have made some headway on deciding what exactly I want to get....ok ok that's a lie, but I am shopping. That's something, right? I downloaded the AutoTrader app. 

awesome: B had her school tour this week. I love her new elementary school. All the kids we came in contact with we so sweet and welcoming to B. The principal really wanted to make sure she felt comfortable and she really encouraged her about next year. I learned some new things about my alma mater and we even got to sit in for part of the music class. awkward(but still kind of awesome): Every room we went to someone knew B by name. Two came and gave her a "fist bump" and hug when we walked into the high school building. It was pretty funny. I think the principal was a little surprised, but that's what happens when your mom is the oldest of 3 and you have two fairly young aunts--one who is a senior at the particular school. 

Also awesome this my 5 year anniversary certificate at work this week. I get to pick an award out of a list of various things. Nothing extremely awesome, well, except a canoe. That's pretty weird and awesome. I started to go for it just because it's the biggest thing on there. 

Anywoo that's all I have. Gotta post some new pictures though. It's getting a little boring around here!

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Katie said...

thats so nice that it was such a great visit to the new school!! and I'm sure she felt better knowing that she knew so many kids!