Mar 22, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Thursdays

awesome: This is my last "work" day until Wednesday. awkward: That just means I won't be in the office. Thanks to being sick and having jury duty, my trusty laptop will be accompanying me to Atlanta.

awkward: My car has one cupholder....ONE. There is an additional one inside the console but who is going to use that. Considering we have 3 people in the car in the mornings and usually multiple drinks for at least one of us (coffee then water or carbonation), it is getting old and cluttered fast. awesome: To waste time in the "big city" after B's field trip tomorrow I think we are going to test drive some new cars. Well, me more than her but you never know!

awesome: I have almost made it through my first book club book. {even though our meeting was last night and that was after it was moved by a few days, don't judge! lol}. awkward: I am supposed to pick the next book after what we are reading now {The Lovely Bones}. I'm new to this and need to do some serious research so I don't pick a crappy one.

That's all I have for this week. Feeling more awkward than awesome this week since I've been sick and totally off my routine. I'm hoping for a much more awesome next week. 
Sat: B's test for private school
Sat-Monday: Atlanta [Hello, IKEA. I've got my eye on you]
Tuesday: Enjoy Spring Break with B
Wed-Friday: Back to the grind
Friday: Bday celebrations for JH
Sounds like it has the potential for awesomeness! Or at least a lot less awkward!

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smk053078 said...

Good luck with jury duty!!! Boo! ;)
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