Mar 15, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Thursdays

So I decided to jump on the A&A Thursday boat that I've read on several blogs. I never can keep up with a certain day of the week post so I doubt this will be regular. Here it goes though....

-parallel parking with my driver side against a concrete wall....yeah, in my defense it was an awkward parking lot to begin with and all the "normal" parking spaces were taken because my tanning salon is near nerd central a game store and something new was coming out and there was literally a line around the building AND I wanted to be able to pull straight out and to the road instead of turning around behind the building (yea that's a lot of and's)
-wearing a red shirt on the hottest day of the year so far in a car with black interior, black top and NO A/C. Well, I guess the awkward part was trying to see in my reflection in my window if I had sweat visible on my shirt
-following up red shirt day looking like I'm on a safari...too much khaki today so I added the leopard print shoes...don't think I'm helping my case much

-realizing after I got to work on Monday that it was my anniversary. Go me! I guess I should really be wishing my company a happy 5 years. They are truly the lucky ones in that scenario, right? 
-More awesome than the last point...I now have 3 weeks vacation so I will be celebrating with using 3 of those days before the end of the month!
-having enough food in the freezer to make it at least another week despite skipping grocery day over the weekend
-my work fam is taking me out for lunch today at one of my favorite Asian places. Yum!
-I found Sperrys & some old school adidas sandals for my daughter on sale yesterday AND I got free shipping AND another $5 off AND used my ebates account to get another 4% AND they shipped out same day! 
-I have the perfect green top to wear this Saturday for St Patty's day (aka my fav non-off-work holiday)

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