Mar 30, 2012

The one where we went to Atlanta

So I mentioned before our trip to Atlanta was not as planned out as I usually like a vacation to be. [Except beach vacations. Then plans go completed out the window. Grab a bikini, floppy hat, book/tunes. The end.] We had originally planned on going to Atl for an event that was cancelled the week prior. Since I booked the room at a discount I was unable to get out of it. I've never been to Atl to visit but I have passed through before via car and airplane. 

I failed miserably at remembering the exact distance to Atl. Apparently when I drove from Memphis to Myrtle Beach I thought it took me 5 hours to get to Atl. Either I hauled serious tail or I was delirious while driving at 3am that time around. {imagine that} I also forgot Atl is an hour we arrive at the hotel too late to do anything Saturday evening. Day 1. Fail.

Day 2. We weren't really in the mood to travel downtown. Um. Have you seen that traffic! I know I complain about my work commute but there were like 8 lanes and every 1/4 of a mile one lane was exiting and not always the outside lanes. Day 2 we did some shopping. We also hopped in a photo booth at the mall. {Uber cute pics to add later} We ended up going to a movie that night because why not?
Lorax in 3D

Day 3. Going home day. We had breakfast with JH's cousin that morning. That was the first time I met her. Super sweet. We packed up and headed out. First stop before downtown, Trader Joe's. I have heard that their almond butter with sea salt is the best so I grabbed two jars of that. Check. Then we headed downtown. Much less painful than Day 1. We visited the IKEA store. 

Wow. Just wow. I'm a fan of any store that gives you a map at the beginning. I had a bookshelfy thing I wanted to get there, so we got that and spent serious time checking out other storage solutions. Then it was time to head home. I am so grateful that my loving bf drove the entire way. I know he was tired when we got back.

Hopefully our next trip to Atl will involve a Braves game for the Chipper fan in our house. And hopefully the drive there will get shorter before we go back, hah. It doesn't hurt to hope right?

Mar 29, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Thursdays

Whaaa? awkward: I just realized today is Thursday...and it's 1pm. awesome: Tomorrow is Friday. It got here so fast. Apparently that means it was a good week!

awkward: My car. I've said a million times that I am going to "drive it 'til the wheels fall off". I am getting every mile I can out of my car. Last night I discovered that my car is making an attempt at me using it even longer because instead of the wheels actually falling off, I think the driver side door is making an attempt at jumping ship! My car is really not that old. I've seen 70s model boat cars driving around that are totally hoopty, but my '04 model Eclipse has just had enough. Don't get me wrong, I think it's hilarious that I continue to drive it almost in hopes of morphing it into a jeep one day when the door actually falls off in the parking lot. Let's be honest, wouldn't a story about how my door actually fell off my car in a crowded parking lot make the best Awkward and Awesome Thursday post ever? awesome: I have made some headway on deciding what exactly I want to get....ok ok that's a lie, but I am shopping. That's something, right? I downloaded the AutoTrader app. 

awesome: B had her school tour this week. I love her new elementary school. All the kids we came in contact with we so sweet and welcoming to B. The principal really wanted to make sure she felt comfortable and she really encouraged her about next year. I learned some new things about my alma mater and we even got to sit in for part of the music class. awkward(but still kind of awesome): Every room we went to someone knew B by name. Two came and gave her a "fist bump" and hug when we walked into the high school building. It was pretty funny. I think the principal was a little surprised, but that's what happens when your mom is the oldest of 3 and you have two fairly young aunts--one who is a senior at the particular school. 

Also awesome this my 5 year anniversary certificate at work this week. I get to pick an award out of a list of various things. Nothing extremely awesome, well, except a canoe. That's pretty weird and awesome. I started to go for it just because it's the biggest thing on there. 

Anywoo that's all I have. Gotta post some new pictures though. It's getting a little boring around here!

Mar 28, 2012

Dear Mississippi,

I started to hate on you pretty hard for what you did over the weekend. Then I started thinking that we are kind of alike, you and me. I was going to hate on you for something I do myself (that I can't stand)....starting new projects before finishing the last ones. Yep. Why oh why do you have miles of construction cones blocking a lane of highway for no good reason? I saw one bridge being worked on in the 13 miles of construction. The first 13 miles. I'm not even talking about the next set of 6 miles or the 3 miles we came to later. So before I have to head down 78 again, can you please move the cones and finish what you started before blocking off more road? Don't think I'm not giving Alabama the stink eye also for deciding they were done making 78 about 5-10 miles before you get to another good highway/interstate to actually make my way around Birmingham. I guess B'ham was feeling no love so they had to get us to see most of their city by way of ending the highway in the middle of nowhere, but still. I just hope you know that it is so over between me and Atlanta and that is partly on your shoulders. 


Still a little bitter that I wasn't at the beach

**we took a quick trip to Atlanta from Saturday to Monday evening. It wasn't that eventful because I didn't have much planning time, but the drive was pretty awful both ways partly due to my two hour miscalculation on how long it took to get there....oopsy. And then we had to add an hour when we changed time zones. I am usually a much better planner with trips. Everyone gets a mulligan at least once right?

Mar 22, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Thursdays

awesome: This is my last "work" day until Wednesday. awkward: That just means I won't be in the office. Thanks to being sick and having jury duty, my trusty laptop will be accompanying me to Atlanta.

awkward: My car has one cupholder....ONE. There is an additional one inside the console but who is going to use that. Considering we have 3 people in the car in the mornings and usually multiple drinks for at least one of us (coffee then water or carbonation), it is getting old and cluttered fast. awesome: To waste time in the "big city" after B's field trip tomorrow I think we are going to test drive some new cars. Well, me more than her but you never know!

awesome: I have almost made it through my first book club book. {even though our meeting was last night and that was after it was moved by a few days, don't judge! lol}. awkward: I am supposed to pick the next book after what we are reading now {The Lovely Bones}. I'm new to this and need to do some serious research so I don't pick a crappy one.

That's all I have for this week. Feeling more awkward than awesome this week since I've been sick and totally off my routine. I'm hoping for a much more awesome next week. 
Sat: B's test for private school
Sat-Monday: Atlanta [Hello, IKEA. I've got my eye on you]
Tuesday: Enjoy Spring Break with B
Wed-Friday: Back to the grind
Friday: Bday celebrations for JH
Sounds like it has the potential for awesomeness! Or at least a lot less awkward!

Mar 16, 2012


Can't wait to wear something green this weekend. Can't wait to see faces I haven't seen in a long while. Can't wait to get some cleaning done. Can't wait to have the patio cleared off and ready for laying out. Can't wait to watch some serious basketball this weekend! Can't wait to get my new book for March (even though I haven't finished February, eh). Can't wait to plan our unusual Atlanta trip for next weekend. Can't wait!

Somehow I made it to Friday without posting pictures from last weekend's tournament. There were highs and lows, but all in all I am fairly content with it all. Here's my baby in action :)
Early Saturday morning before hitting the road for Jackson

Ready to knock one out of the park...or just over the short stops head. That works too
Ready to put a run on the scoreboard

Mar 15, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Thursdays

So I decided to jump on the A&A Thursday boat that I've read on several blogs. I never can keep up with a certain day of the week post so I doubt this will be regular. Here it goes though....

-parallel parking with my driver side against a concrete wall....yeah, in my defense it was an awkward parking lot to begin with and all the "normal" parking spaces were taken because my tanning salon is near nerd central a game store and something new was coming out and there was literally a line around the building AND I wanted to be able to pull straight out and to the road instead of turning around behind the building (yea that's a lot of and's)
-wearing a red shirt on the hottest day of the year so far in a car with black interior, black top and NO A/C. Well, I guess the awkward part was trying to see in my reflection in my window if I had sweat visible on my shirt
-following up red shirt day looking like I'm on a safari...too much khaki today so I added the leopard print shoes...don't think I'm helping my case much

-realizing after I got to work on Monday that it was my anniversary. Go me! I guess I should really be wishing my company a happy 5 years. They are truly the lucky ones in that scenario, right? 
-More awesome than the last point...I now have 3 weeks vacation so I will be celebrating with using 3 of those days before the end of the month!
-having enough food in the freezer to make it at least another week despite skipping grocery day over the weekend
-my work fam is taking me out for lunch today at one of my favorite Asian places. Yum!
-I found Sperrys & some old school adidas sandals for my daughter on sale yesterday AND I got free shipping AND another $5 off AND used my ebates account to get another 4% AND they shipped out same day! 
-I have the perfect green top to wear this Saturday for St Patty's day (aka my fav non-off-work holiday)

*Linked up with The DayBook: Awkward & Awesome.

Mar 13, 2012

Hey look, my thumb's green

I think I deserve some type of recognition right now....I just realized it is March and there is a plant still alive on my desk...since December! That must be a miracle of some kind right? And not only is it hanging on alive, but it still has red on it instead of just some green leaves. If I hadn't pulled some dead leaves off of it a few weeks ago, I would have just assumed it was a fake plant.
***I think the daylight savings exhaustion may be getting to me today...

Mar 10, 2012

Blogging Live

Today is softball tournament #1 for the season. This marks a new year of rules, new strategies, new girls, and a new team. We hit the road at 7 to be in Jackson at 9 and our first game is at 10:15. I don't know who is more excited today!! Lehgo Wildcats!!

*first blog post from my phone also. Don't worry, I'll change the ugly font later :)

Mar 6, 2012

The Jury's Still Out

So Monday I had my first experience {ever} with jury duty. From everything I had been told, I expected to go in get in line and pick a week on a set calendar. Then I'd be free and clear to head to work [on my second busiest day of the month, yep]. Boy was I wrong!

I got called "boo" before I even made it in the door. That always makes a girl feel sexy, right? :) I had to leave my phone in the car which was tough for me to say the least, but I brought my book club book to read. Good call considering I was about 30 minutes early. Finally the clerk came in and checked off names. I was truly surprised at the amount of people that skipped jury duty. Did they not read the part about the $500 fine?! 

The most interesting part of the process was listening to the woman two seats down from me talk about how working mothers pretty much disgust her. Yep, apparently we have no time to hug our children. Then she bragged about how she didn't think twice about leaving her "good payin' job at McDonald's" to stay home with her daughter. Seriously, I have no beef with stay at home moms. It's great but don't tell me I'm a horrible mom for working. 

The judge lectured us for about an hour and a half on the whole process and what different legal words mean. It was like a quick law lesson before the day even got started. Then we got a chance to see the judge and explain why we think we should get out of jury duty. I didn't even bother. #1 I'm not a good liar, lol. And #2 I couldn't let someone like "stay at home mom" be in charge of deciding someone's guilt or innocence {turns out she got out of duty anyways. She also thought jury duty should be something you sign up for...because obviously that is going to get the best and brightest in there making decisions.} 

After a full day of questions and paperwork and lectures, I am still on the hook until mid-April. I have a handy dandy little card with a phone number that tells me whether I have to go to work or go to the justice center. I also got to see {since I'm from a small county} a cousin, a friend, someone who knew me but I didn't know, a softball friend, a friend's mom and two guys from high school [in suits, kinda weird lol]. Actually makes me wonder how they find enough people who don't already know either the lawyer, person on trial, DA, accuser, witness etc to make up a non-biased jury. That's small town living for ya.