Feb 13, 2012

Weekend Wrap up

We had a pretty fun and relaxing weekend. Friday was my baby sister's very last basketball game as a high schooler. B rode to the game with my parents after school, and we headed there straight from work. We also had tickets to see Lee Brice at Minglewood that same night. Luckily the concert didn't start until 8 so we had time to see the entire basketball game and the senior night ceremony. My sister is definitely the athlete of our family. Not that me and my middle sister didn't participate in and love several sports, but "Lil J" has really excelled in all the sports she participates in. It is kind of sad to think I won't get to see my sister playing volleyball or basketball in that gym again (except maybe an alumni game?). 

The concert was great, as expected. I love love love Lee Brice's new song, A Woman Like You. I think it is the sweetest thing. He is also a pretty accomplished writer, so we got to hear several songs that he wrote but others recorded. You may have heard of this one guy, Garth Brooks and More Than a Memory. Anyways, we had a great time until all the drunk idiots started fighting. Why can't people just drink and be happy, and don't drive(!)? It seems simple enough to me. When that started we decided to go ahead and head out. It was during the encore though, so we basically saw the whole thing. 

We got to sleep in on Saturday which was so nice. The only thing we had to do the rest of the weekend was go to a jewelry show and I had a spa day with my BFF and the rest of the bridesmaids. Jeremy is such a great guy to go to the jewelry show with me. But I was on my best behavior, lol. I think about the time he was really getting burned out, so was I so we called it a day....not without checking out some of the glass case booths though :) 

Sunday was so nice. I got to relax and get a facial with my BFFs. I also bought a few new beauty products that made my face fill amazing. I can't wait for those to come in so I can have mini spa days at the house also. 

That basically sums up the weekend. Not a ton of running around, no softball, no birthday parties, no other parties, etc. Every once and a while we need those tame weekends. 

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