Feb 2, 2012

2.01. My View Today

It's busy week so I will see a lot of this and a lot of spreadsheets and numbers. Ah, the life of an accountant. I enjoy it though. Even as crazy as it is sometimes. I have come to terms this month with the new structure of my job. And I have a better plan for work-life balance during these days actually. I have fallen in love with my crockpot. It is my own personal chef while I am away. It has dinners waiting on me at home as soon as I open the door. If only the maid would show up to do dishes and laundry...oh well. Guess I can't have it all :)


njscrapdiva said...

Hi there!
I am also playing in the photo a day challenge, and found your blog on fat mum slims ever growing list...
I love the angle of your shot! :o) The keyboard is a BIG part of my daily veiw as wel!
Have a great day and I look forward to checking out your other photos.


JMc said...

Thanks for stopping by! Loved your day one photo also!

Marianna said...

Hi!! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and commenting!!! I thought I would return the favor and I was totally excited to see by your photo that you're an accountant!! I'm an accountant too!!! Yay to numbers, close dates, end of year financials, and countless due dates!! Have you seen the youtube video with the kids talking about accounting? It's a trip!!