Feb 3, 2012

101 Things in 1,001 days

I found several blogs today where they are doing a 101 things in 1,001 days challenge. Kind of like a bucket list but just for the next 1,001 days. I found a website where I could see what date 1,001 days from today is and guess what? It's Halloween 2014. I think that's a pretty cool end date for my list so I'm going to start today. I may not come up with 101 things today but I will keep adding to the list and marking off as I go along. Some will be easy tasks, some will be things that are long over, and some will actually take some serious time or investments.

Here goes nothing!

1. Buy a new {to me} car
2. Organize my finances binder
3. Fill my picture frames with actual pictures (one added in July 2012)
4. Make my shadow box from the beach
5. Make my shadow box from the Redbirds game
6. Learn to can fruits/veggies (don't laugh)
7. Buy a sewing machine Now actually get it out of the box
8. Complete at least one project with my sewing machine
9. Get a pair of riding boots (done around Nov 2011)
10. Learn to drive a stick
11. Complete B's bedroom
12. Take a couples trip with my WP and their men
13. Take B to Disney World
14. Frame the special tie for JH
15. Reach 50 blog followers (20 more to go)
16. Drink only water for one week
17. Do the splits again
18. Make my blog "pretty". Pretty fonts, buttons, all that jazz (pretty header done in April 2012. Pretty fonts done in June 2012)
19. Plant a veggie (tomatoes would be nice) or herb and actually be able to use it (read: Don't kill it in two days flat)
20. Visit a local winery
21. Read the books I already have (along with others too)
22. Watch all the movies that I currently own but have never seen
23. Get a massage
24. Buy a lottery ticket
25. Take yoga for one month
26. Photograph 26 things that look like the 26 letters of the alphabet
27. Pick my own fresh fruit. Preferably strawberries. Yum.
28. Go to 10 concerts/live music events. (Lee Brice @ Minglewood Hall.)
29. Paint a picture and display it in my house.
30. Refashion a piece from my wardrobe.
31. Go fishing.
32. Get my passport.
33. Make homemade granola. (Since I've purchased the supplies but never actually done it)
34. Either fix my Nikon or get a new DSLR.
35. Host something at my house. Anything. Girls night, movie night, game night, dinner, potluck, etc. 
36. Have professional pics taken of me and my sisters.
37. Make a Tshirt quilt.
38. Try 5 new (to me) local/not chain restaurants.
39. Make a recipe binder (Very much in progress, just needs to be organized a little more)
40. Visit another country.
41. Take 5 photos a day for 30 days
42. Save enough money to cover my rent for 6 months.
43. Lose 10 pounds
44. Go to zumba
45. Take a Pilates class
46. Learn to make lumpia
47. Get new glasses
48. Get a new bike and use it
49. Update my resume (ya never know)
50. Try out the new spray tan "place" 
   to be continued...

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