Feb 16, 2012

02.16 Something New

Something New. I'm pretty sure that has been the theme for the week, not just this day. Today I wore (for most of the day) my "something new" bangles. This is one of the jewels I got at the jewelry show this weekend. These simple beauties cost me a whole $1. I got them in this dark silver and also a regular silver. Thanks to a friend at work, I get a pass to the jewelry trade show when it comes to town. There are so many great deals on jewelry, clothes, shoes, scarves, etc. And the jewelry ranges from $1 bangles to $10 great signature necklaces to $$k diamond rings, earrings and necklaces. {we may or may not have stopped to check out a few things in the diamond booths} On top of this new item, I am also sporting a new belt today and UPS is supposed to deliver [but probably won't since they hate me] my new casserole dishes and serving dishes today AND the post office is supposed to be delivering my new riding boots today. A whole day of *new*. I guess I timed that pretty perfectly, huh?

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