Feb 7, 2012

02.07 Button

One of my favorite buttons
I am not one of those people that has to have my coffee every morning, but if I'm dragging a little in the mornings I will definitely make a cup. Today, this was my favorite button. I also get migraines and a jolt of caffeine is sometimes needed if I feel one coming on. This was one of those mornings. 

Back story on my fabulous coffee maker...this year B got to participate in the gift getting for me and Jeremy. He likes coffee, and we don't have a coffee maker so I thought a Keurig would be a great gift. It makes single cups so we don't have to waste a whole pot of coffee in the morning. Perfect. So every time we went to a store with these coffee makers (Walmart, Target, Kohl's, etc), I could check out the sale prices. I scoped them out enough that he took notice, lol. He told B that I looked at them every place we went so he was getting me one for Christmas, which she thought was hilarious since she knew I was getting him one. She ended up spilling the beans to me and I tried to help her come up with a plan to steer him in another direction but he was already set and according to him she didn't do enough steering. On Christmas morning, she made us open them at the same time. He had no idea. Anyways, it was a great gift for us both actually. I have enjoyed being able to have a cup of coffee before I make it to work so I am fully awake when I get there (I apparently am half asleep on the drive in though). 

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