Feb 6, 2012

02.06 Dinner

Cheeseburger Wraps

To be perfectly honest, I had another [kinda blah] dinner planned for tonight. Then I ran across this recipe on Semi Homemade Mom. I knew we had almost all the ingredients to make this at home and it would get the rest of the leftover tortillas out of my fridge. 

Easy yummy recipe: I use ground turkey instead of ground beef all the time. Brown the meat and drain. Put back in the skillet and add Worcestershire sauce (bonus points if you say it right on the first try!). I use more than the recipe calls for. Add in a little onion powder and a good dose of ketchup. Mix all up and taste. If it needs more of one thing or the other, add it and try again. In a tortilla, add a layer of cheese, then meat, then toppings. I added tomato and spinach (instead of lettuce), then a little more cheese. Fold and brown both sides to get the cheese all melty. You can open and add ketchup (if there wasn't enough in the meat mixture) or just eat it plain. Add fries or chips and there ya go!

**Almost forgot...you can add mustard to the meat. I don't like mustard but I probably would have mixed it in anyways for a little flavor if I hadn't just plain forgotten about it :)

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