Feb 29, 2012

I have a confession...

#1 Man, I am not a consistent blogger. I really am trying though. Promise.

#2 I joined/am joining-ish a book club. Yes, go ahead, call me a nerd. I will laugh at you. I like reading when I read. But I never read. I could get some serious reading time in during B's softball practices but I just haven't. I will catch up on facebook or instagram or texts/emails, and the list goes on. Why not read during those times? I wanted to increase my reading for 2012 and so far I have done a horrible job. A lot of my best friends read a lot (Lora, I'm looking at you), and I hate when I hear a conversation about a great book and I just have to sit there quietly and twiddle my thumbs. My cousin is a big reader and when she mentioned she was trying to decide on a book for her book club, I bombarded her with questions and a pitiful request to join in. I met some of the gals last weekend for lunch and got our book for March. We chit chatted and then they discussed the book they read in February. So far I am not doing too great, but I plan to try to get through about half of the book this weekend and through the other half next weekend. Our next meeting is March 16th so I have a real solid deadline {unlike when I tried to read those other 18 books sitting under my bed with bookmarks about a quarter of the way in, eh}

#3 [Brain fart, what was #3 again? Oh yeah.] So since I started working at my current job, each year I have given up something for lent. Hey, all the cool kids are doing it. I have not mentioned what I gave up this year and I'm ashamed to say it's because I was afraid of being held accountable for it. That's awful right? Last year I gave up elevators in order to take the stairs more {fitness kick}. And it worked. I would rather die that let someone see me get out of the elevator last year. And the trend continued even after my 40 days. So this year....I decided....I was giving up......shopping....grocery shopping, hah, not really. I gave up clothes shopping. I am again ashamed at how hard this has been (and it's only been days). But I'm on a saving money kick and I'm trying to stop just buying everything I see that is on sale. So far I have realized I am too materialistic. I also realized I have a lot of wasteful items in my closet and I am missing several basic pieces. After this 40 days is up, I plan on putting myself on a clothes budget going forward. 

So that's it. All the confessions I have for today. Feels pretty good.

Feb 21, 2012

Artsy Fartsy

Can I just brag on my sister real quick? She painted this super cute cross for my daughter's softball banquet. Each team needed to donate items to be raffled off at the end of the night. When I took it to practice, one of the other moms asked how much she charged for these so she may have a side business on her hands. She makes me want to paint again....in all my free time I have, hah! 

Feb 20, 2012

Weekend Wrap up

Wow, the weekend flew by! 

I got a jump start on the weekend Friday and headed home to pick up my baby girl. We had a girls only weekend without anything really planned. On the way home I grabbed a movie from the Redbox and picked her up a little early. I did a little boring stuff, like laundry then we popped in the movieMonte Carlo with Selena Gomez. About half way through the movie I went upstairs to put some clothes away and when I came back B was sprawled out on the couch snoozing. So I turned that off and watched I Don't Know How She Does It. It was a cute one, and reminded me of how I feel sometimes--constantly making lists, always in a rush, never quite pulling it all off. 

Saturday, we had a late breakfast at the annual Lion's Club pancake breakfast in Covington. We usually go each year but I never know ahead of time. This year I saw a post on facebook about it minutes before we got up and got ready. 

Me: Hey B, do you want pancakes for breakfast?
B: Pancakes!

From there we came home to do a little work then went on a brief(ish) shopping spree. We had two things to return, but of course we ended up coming back with more than we planned. I love our girl time though. Brooklyn talks with me about everything and sounds like such a little grown up when we get together. Now that she is getting older, it is getting easier to do these errands. Not as many complaints or at least more time before the complaints start. And she still truly enjoys spending time with me. That is surprising to me because I keep feeling like she is going to hit that age where I am just old, boring, mean, and completely embarrassing to be around. I've made it this far though, so I'm going to keep trying to make it even farther, lol. 

Anyways, Sunday was spent mostly at home finishing up some chores and waiting on J to get back from the country. After a quick grocery store run and taking B to the g'parents' to spend the night (since she was off the next day for President's Day), it was off to bed and time to start a new week.

02.20 Handwriting

That is my checklist for some reports I run at work, basically a doodle on a sheet on my desk. It was a checklist at first, then the next time I checked the other side, then I wrote over the check in one color, then another, etc. My handwriting sometimes looks different from day to day and different from one pen to another. Some days I love my handwriting and some days it looks awful to me. It was an easy photo to check off the list though. 

Feb 17, 2012

02.17 Time

Today I left work, returned a Redbox, rented another Redbox, picked up B and paid next week's after school camp, made it home AND was home a good 10 minutes before I took this pic. That is why it's so nice to get off work a little early. It makes a big difference. I am usually a speed demon in the evenings trying to make it to the school by 6pm much less home and relaxed with movies in hand before then. Happy Friday!

Feb 16, 2012

02.16 Something New

Something New. I'm pretty sure that has been the theme for the week, not just this day. Today I wore (for most of the day) my "something new" bangles. This is one of the jewels I got at the jewelry show this weekend. These simple beauties cost me a whole $1. I got them in this dark silver and also a regular silver. Thanks to a friend at work, I get a pass to the jewelry trade show when it comes to town. There are so many great deals on jewelry, clothes, shoes, scarves, etc. And the jewelry ranges from $1 bangles to $10 great signature necklaces to $$k diamond rings, earrings and necklaces. {we may or may not have stopped to check out a few things in the diamond booths} On top of this new item, I am also sporting a new belt today and UPS is supposed to deliver [but probably won't since they hate me] my new casserole dishes and serving dishes today AND the post office is supposed to be delivering my new riding boots today. A whole day of *new*. I guess I timed that pretty perfectly, huh?

02.15 Phone

I may or may not have downloaded 3 new photo apps for my phone just so I could get a good/mostly blank pic of my phone wallpaper. I love all things chevron right now so I downloaded this wallpaper and another green one (for March....St Patty's month) from eighteen25. I seriously have had the same background on my phone since I upgraded to the 4. It was time for a change. 

Feb 13, 2012

Weekend Wrap up

We had a pretty fun and relaxing weekend. Friday was my baby sister's very last basketball game as a high schooler. B rode to the game with my parents after school, and we headed there straight from work. We also had tickets to see Lee Brice at Minglewood that same night. Luckily the concert didn't start until 8 so we had time to see the entire basketball game and the senior night ceremony. My sister is definitely the athlete of our family. Not that me and my middle sister didn't participate in and love several sports, but "Lil J" has really excelled in all the sports she participates in. It is kind of sad to think I won't get to see my sister playing volleyball or basketball in that gym again (except maybe an alumni game?). 

The concert was great, as expected. I love love love Lee Brice's new song, A Woman Like You. I think it is the sweetest thing. He is also a pretty accomplished writer, so we got to hear several songs that he wrote but others recorded. You may have heard of this one guy, Garth Brooks and More Than a Memory. Anyways, we had a great time until all the drunk idiots started fighting. Why can't people just drink and be happy, and don't drive(!)? It seems simple enough to me. When that started we decided to go ahead and head out. It was during the encore though, so we basically saw the whole thing. 

We got to sleep in on Saturday which was so nice. The only thing we had to do the rest of the weekend was go to a jewelry show and I had a spa day with my BFF and the rest of the bridesmaids. Jeremy is such a great guy to go to the jewelry show with me. But I was on my best behavior, lol. I think about the time he was really getting burned out, so was I so we called it a day....not without checking out some of the glass case booths though :) 

Sunday was so nice. I got to relax and get a facial with my BFFs. I also bought a few new beauty products that made my face fill amazing. I can't wait for those to come in so I can have mini spa days at the house also. 

That basically sums up the weekend. Not a ton of running around, no softball, no birthday parties, no other parties, etc. Every once and a while we need those tame weekends. 

02.13 Blue

I see a lot of this blue these days. I've been trying to watch my calories and one way to drop at least 100-150 here and there is to switch to a diet whatever or a something zero. I think the Sprite Zero taste a lot like the "real" thing so I drink these when I just can't stand water anymore. 

Feb 11, 2012

02.11 Makes you happy

Today's photo prompt was "Makes you happy". Nothing makes me more happy that to be with my little family. Sometimes we can't all be in the same place at the same time, so while B is at her dad's house I'm thankful we can at least FaceTime. It makes those weekends not as tough. 

*Excuse my "hot mess" look of the day. We were having a very casual Saturday

Feb 8, 2012

02.08 Sun

I had a failed attempt at a sun picture this morning. Being just. Few seconds to late cost me my only sun shot for the day. The next time it was out I was in the office and not facing the sun itself. But I'm gonna tell myself my doodle is just as good for today hah!

Feb 7, 2012

02.07 Button

One of my favorite buttons
I am not one of those people that has to have my coffee every morning, but if I'm dragging a little in the mornings I will definitely make a cup. Today, this was my favorite button. I also get migraines and a jolt of caffeine is sometimes needed if I feel one coming on. This was one of those mornings. 

Back story on my fabulous coffee maker...this year B got to participate in the gift getting for me and Jeremy. He likes coffee, and we don't have a coffee maker so I thought a Keurig would be a great gift. It makes single cups so we don't have to waste a whole pot of coffee in the morning. Perfect. So every time we went to a store with these coffee makers (Walmart, Target, Kohl's, etc), I could check out the sale prices. I scoped them out enough that he took notice, lol. He told B that I looked at them every place we went so he was getting me one for Christmas, which she thought was hilarious since she knew I was getting him one. She ended up spilling the beans to me and I tried to help her come up with a plan to steer him in another direction but he was already set and according to him she didn't do enough steering. On Christmas morning, she made us open them at the same time. He had no idea. Anyways, it was a great gift for us both actually. I have enjoyed being able to have a cup of coffee before I make it to work so I am fully awake when I get there (I apparently am half asleep on the drive in though). 

Feb 6, 2012

02.06 Dinner

Cheeseburger Wraps

To be perfectly honest, I had another [kinda blah] dinner planned for tonight. Then I ran across this recipe on Semi Homemade Mom. I knew we had almost all the ingredients to make this at home and it would get the rest of the leftover tortillas out of my fridge. 

Easy yummy recipe: I use ground turkey instead of ground beef all the time. Brown the meat and drain. Put back in the skillet and add Worcestershire sauce (bonus points if you say it right on the first try!). I use more than the recipe calls for. Add in a little onion powder and a good dose of ketchup. Mix all up and taste. If it needs more of one thing or the other, add it and try again. In a tortilla, add a layer of cheese, then meat, then toppings. I added tomato and spinach (instead of lettuce), then a little more cheese. Fold and brown both sides to get the cheese all melty. You can open and add ketchup (if there wasn't enough in the meat mixture) or just eat it plain. Add fries or chips and there ya go!

**Almost forgot...you can add mustard to the meat. I don't like mustard but I probably would have mixed it in anyways for a little flavor if I hadn't just plain forgotten about it :)

Feb 5, 2012

02.05 10AM

10am today = inside of my eye lids
I sleep in on the weekends, but that's usually until 8am. That's sleeping late and waiting up refreshed. Today I was still asleep at 10am! Crazy. But nice. We had a late night with friends though so that's a totally reasonable excuse I think.

Feb 4, 2012

02.04 Stranger

This was such a random picture for the day. I was sitting at the gas station waiting on the bf to pick up drinks on our way to visit friends, and I remembered today's prompt. I grabbed my phone and took a pic of the next person into the gas station. Then I had this freak out moment when I thought "omg, what if this stranger robs the place and I have the only pic of him". Next thought, "my bf is in there". Next thought "should I take a pic now that I can see his face at the counter". Next thought "you're retarded, they have surveillance cameras". lol

Feb 3, 2012

02.03 Hands

Movie night at the house. Snuggled up to watch August Rush. I love a good movie night on the couch. 

101 Things in 1,001 days

I found several blogs today where they are doing a 101 things in 1,001 days challenge. Kind of like a bucket list but just for the next 1,001 days. I found a website where I could see what date 1,001 days from today is and guess what? It's Halloween 2014. I think that's a pretty cool end date for my list so I'm going to start today. I may not come up with 101 things today but I will keep adding to the list and marking off as I go along. Some will be easy tasks, some will be things that are long over, and some will actually take some serious time or investments.

Here goes nothing!

1. Buy a new {to me} car
2. Organize my finances binder
3. Fill my picture frames with actual pictures (one added in July 2012)
4. Make my shadow box from the beach
5. Make my shadow box from the Redbirds game
6. Learn to can fruits/veggies (don't laugh)
7. Buy a sewing machine Now actually get it out of the box
8. Complete at least one project with my sewing machine
9. Get a pair of riding boots (done around Nov 2011)
10. Learn to drive a stick
11. Complete B's bedroom
12. Take a couples trip with my WP and their men
13. Take B to Disney World
14. Frame the special tie for JH
15. Reach 50 blog followers (20 more to go)
16. Drink only water for one week
17. Do the splits again
18. Make my blog "pretty". Pretty fonts, buttons, all that jazz (pretty header done in April 2012. Pretty fonts done in June 2012)
19. Plant a veggie (tomatoes would be nice) or herb and actually be able to use it (read: Don't kill it in two days flat)
20. Visit a local winery
21. Read the books I already have (along with others too)
22. Watch all the movies that I currently own but have never seen
23. Get a massage
24. Buy a lottery ticket
25. Take yoga for one month
26. Photograph 26 things that look like the 26 letters of the alphabet
27. Pick my own fresh fruit. Preferably strawberries. Yum.
28. Go to 10 concerts/live music events. (Lee Brice @ Minglewood Hall.)
29. Paint a picture and display it in my house.
30. Refashion a piece from my wardrobe.
31. Go fishing.
32. Get my passport.
33. Make homemade granola. (Since I've purchased the supplies but never actually done it)
34. Either fix my Nikon or get a new DSLR.
35. Host something at my house. Anything. Girls night, movie night, game night, dinner, potluck, etc. 
36. Have professional pics taken of me and my sisters.
37. Make a Tshirt quilt.
38. Try 5 new (to me) local/not chain restaurants.
39. Make a recipe binder (Very much in progress, just needs to be organized a little more)
40. Visit another country.
41. Take 5 photos a day for 30 days
42. Save enough money to cover my rent for 6 months.
43. Lose 10 pounds
44. Go to zumba
45. Take a Pilates class
46. Learn to make lumpia
47. Get new glasses
48. Get a new bike and use it
49. Update my resume (ya never know)
50. Try out the new spray tan "place" 
   to be continued...

Feb 2, 2012

02.02 Words

My words for not only today but this month and more. I'm trying my best to get ready for bikini season. My goal isn't to lose weight. I want to feel healthy and be stronger. I want to wear my swimsuit proudly without having to find new ways to disguise my body too :)
Jillian Michaels, I love and hate you, woman! Mostly hate tonight honestly.

2.01. My View Today

It's busy week so I will see a lot of this and a lot of spreadsheets and numbers. Ah, the life of an accountant. I enjoy it though. Even as crazy as it is sometimes. I have come to terms this month with the new structure of my job. And I have a better plan for work-life balance during these days actually. I have fallen in love with my crockpot. It is my own personal chef while I am away. It has dinners waiting on me at home as soon as I open the door. If only the maid would show up to do dishes and laundry...oh well. Guess I can't have it all :)