Oct 30, 2011

Our 1st Concert

Ever since Brooklyn has known what a concert was, she has wanted to go to one. I don't even think it mattered who it was. She just wanted to go. I've been telling her for a while that she couldn't go until she was older or until someone kid-friendly came to town. Well, I wasn't fast enough to get tickets to the Biebs (and really didn't want to go to that), but I did snag some tickets to Taylor Swift. B loves her and I was so excited to get to take her. And to make the day even better, another mom-daughter duo that we are friends with were going too. We rode together had a good time chit chatting in the car. We even got there early enough to take pictures and get a Tshirt before the crowd got there. We grabbed a late lunch/early dinner at TGIFridays down the street and enjoyed some downtown scenery before the concert started. 

It seemed to take forever for the concert to start. B knew the concert started at 7 and she fully expected Taylor to show up on stage at 7 sharp. I explained there would be at least one opening band. Of course she hated the group that opened. I can't even remember their name. They seemed very, hmm, different from what I would expect at a TS concert. Oh well. Just when I thought B couldn't take it anymore, the lights went dim, the screen said something along the lines of "are you ready", and even I got giddy. Taylor put on a great show in my opinion. B sang along to everything even if she didn't really know the words. It was such a great mommy-daughter or girl power concert to go to. You saw a few couples but it was mostly moms and daughter, aunts and nieces, sisters, or BFFs. It was such a fun night. I hope this is a big memory of Brooklyn's, her first concert. And if she could remember that her mom was the awesome one that surprised her with tickets, that would be great too!

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