Jul 11, 2011

World Series - Crossville Style

This past weekend, the Lady Wildcat 8s and 10s competed in the ISA World Series in Crossville, TN (about a 5.5 hour drive). We did not get to leave as early as we wanted to on Friday and ended up in Nashville rush hour and several rain storms on our way. Needless to say, we were late. We missed most of the opening ceremonies but we were just so happy we made it there. After the opening ceremony there were skill challenges in each age group. We had some super fast runners on our team for the base running challenge. 

Brooklyn competed in the throwing accuracy challenge. There are some very skilled little 7 & 8 year olds out there!

After the challenges were completed that night, we headed back to the hotel. We still had to check in. We made it to our room and the door was already decorated with a great Wildcat poster and the #4. It was so nice!

Saturday morning, it was game time! We started the day off with a bang! A big win in the first game and a present swap with the first team of the day. There were a few rule changes the girls had to get used to out there, but all in all they did a great job. 

It was a very long, hot day for the girls and families. We even had an umpire throwing up during one of the games, it was just that hot! We spend most of our time under tents with something with ice in it and a frog tog when we weren't playing. Despite the heat, the girls took a little break from the tents to get their faces painted though. 

By the end of Saturday, we were playing in the championship game against the team we beat at the beginning of the day. Now, all of us went to Crossville under the impression this would be a two day tournament. Unfortunately it was a 2 day for every age group except the 8 year olds. We ended up playing past 11pm that night and lost a heartbreaking game. I really believe our girls could have taken home the trophy if we had the chance to play that team Sunday morning instead of late late Saturday. 

To lift their spirits after the game though, the coaches ordered pizza for the girls and somehow talked the night manager into letting the girls into the pool at midnight! He gave us 5 minutes although I think it ended up being more like 15, but whatever. I'm pretty sure he told the guy if we didn't get to jump in the pool at least once that night he would feed them all Mountain Dews and chocolate and let them run loose :) 

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