Jul 10, 2011

More celebrations

Besides Independence Day, we had another celebration in our little WP family. Nat and Brad got hitched! That was one of the big celebrations and reasons for us all getting together for some fun times. We are all so happy for them, and they deserve to live happily ever after. 

It was a co-ed party but most of the pics are just us girls. The men heard there was going to be a game and they quickly snuck outside to have drinks instead. Sneaky boys! We had tons of fun playing a traditional game of Loaded Questions. We seriously have the best time when we all get together. Unfortunately, I think I'm not such a good player at LQs anymore. They have figured out mine too easily now. Basically the most ridiculous answer that doesn't sound at all like me....is me. Dang it. I've gotta go bland for a while. 

All the girls
Me & LA
haha I love this picture. This would be when we decided to go out the back and drive around to the front of the house to "scare" the boys....good times

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