Jul 5, 2011

Independence Day

Happy {day after} 4th of July! This year we got to take Jeremy to his first firework show in Munford. Can I just take a moment to say how I love spending holidays as a family of 3? Brooklyn and I have so many traditions for each holiday or each little community event. It has been such a nice transition to going to things as a family now. 

We packed up a quilt and our cameras, put on something to try to keep cool in this insane heat(!!) and headed to the park in Munford. The annual celebration usually starts early with the Navy band playing patriotic songs. There are little booths for food and glow in the dark necklaces, etc. Lots of teeny boppers meet up to socialize. Needless to say, we skipped most of that and just showed up in time to get a good spot in the grass and watch the fireworks. We had a good time and once Brooklyn got ahold of the camera/iPhone she took nearly 400 pictures....not sure where she gets that from. Most of the ones of the actual fireworks were taken by her. 

We got lots of pictures like this. The flash was so bright she kept closing her eyes in the picture, so this was her attempt at keeping them open. Silly girl. 

Look how tan!

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