Apr 3, 2011

Game Ball

We spent another weekend at the softball field. This time we traveled to Booneville, Mississippi. No offense to the place, but I hope we never play ball there again. I am pretty sure they put our girls on a Tball field that was formerly a place where people went mudding. The field was in horrible condition. We had to warn our girls to watch where they ran because there were potholes all over the field. I will always remember the horrible field, but I will also remember that Booneville is where Brooklyn earned her first game ball. 

This year has been different and difficult at times for B. On her old teams she played mostly first base. That's a busy position. Every time there is a hit, someone is coming to that base. B loved getting someone out more than she loved hitting a homerun. This year, the competition is fierce and she is playing outfield. In early years in rec league, outfield is where the younger ones go. Not that they aren't good but they aren't experienced enough to play infield. B is having a hard time understanding that now that she is bigger all positions are very important. She has also had a hard time judging distance on pop fly balls. It will come with time. They work on them constantly for our outfielders. 

In one of the games Saturday, the ball was hit into the left field. That's B's territory. She moved under the ball and caught it. I think she wanted to jump up and down but she made sure the ump called the out first. The baserunner they had on second had already run to third and was confused as to why everyone was telling her to run back. B threw the ball in and got the girl out at second (she didn't tag up before running). Not only did my baby catch a pop fly (!), she got a double play too! After the game was over (we won), her coach congratulated her and gave her the game ball. She got everyone to sign it and I dated it. We will have to put this in a case on her trophy shelf soon!

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