Apr 1, 2011

April Fool's!

Mark it in your calendars....April Fool's Day 2011...Brooklyn's first year to come up with her joke without any help from me and without being reminded actually. We had a rocky start to this Friday so there wasn't much time for any elaborate jokes. But when I picked up Brooklyn from school she had a big goofy grin on her face. Apparently she decided to tell her teacher this year that her mommy was getting married. Now, Brooklyn is not a good liar (I hope this carries forward to the teenage years). So I expected her to give her teacher that "I'm lying" grin as soon as she said that. Well, Brooklyn's teacher mistook the goofy grin for an "I'm really happy for my mom" grin and asked her when the wedding was. Brooklyn responded with "on April Fool's Day" (not sure where she gets the smarty attitude from). To which her teacher said "Oh today! That's great! How exciting." Brooklyn then busted out laughing and explained it was an April Fool's joke. I'm glad she pulled off a joke this year, but did it have to be at my expense?? haha. Couldn't Aunt NayNay be preggers? Or Poppie win the lottery? Or JulJul play for the Cardinals?....maybe next year...

She also told her friends at lunch that she had a fake leg. Not sure how some of them believed that since she was just in a dress for pictures a few weeks ago. Maybe it was very real looking :)

After we got home I went in the bathroom and she ran through the house turning all the lights off. Then she ran upstairs and met me at the bathroom door with this shocked look on her face. She tried telling me the electricity went off. For a split second, and I mean a tiny tiny split second, I thought "oh crap, this sucks" then I heard the tv....nice try.

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