Mar 14, 2011

Who are we?


What do we do?

That is the chant I keep hearing over and over in my head tonight :) Well, that and the one about "chicken wangs" and breaking it down like Michael Jackson. I love hearing those chants in my head though. 

The first tournament of the spring season was this weekend in Jackson, TN right beside Pringles Park. Saturday we played two games to decide what seed we were in the actual tournament, and we won our first game 13-0. What a big boost for the girls! The second game was close, but we ended up losing 12-9 against another team from Tipton County. If you know T-County (particularly Atoka) softball, you know it is fierce. I am not one of the mom's that is going to break bad on you and show my redneck/country side, but I nearly came unglued with a few calls on the field. Luckily our coaches "informed" the umps that we were puzzled with their calls ;) By the final game of the night (the first game in the bracket) our girls were exhausted, and the Eagles ran away with it (with the help of some more fun calls....seriously, I thought they were calling a football game at one point).

We drove home at 8:30 pm, home by 10 and straight to bed....did I mention this happened to be time change stuff! Up at 7, out the door at 7:30, Walmart stop for new chairs, breakfast stop in Brownsville and warming up on the field at 9...whew. 
Our girls dominated their first game and played hard in the second game to pull out two big wins. And ya know where else those games got us?? The championship game!! That's right! First tourney of the spring season, first games with this group of girls together and we made it! Despite their best effort, we had one inning that really hit us hard and ended up losing the championship game. But tonight, I'm going to bed as one very proud momma!! A tired one, but a proud one. And if you are keeping track that's 6 games this weekend...and 12 hours at the ball field for us. My goal for the next game is to keep track of Brooklyn's statistics. Yesterday, she had a double, a single (error on first got her to second), an RBI and one out. No strikeouts, ladies and gentlemen!! I got so into it today it was very hard to know how they all did as individuals. I guess that is a good thing though. This is a team effort and I am so glad that we have a great group of coaches showing them that. We are very proud of be Lady Wildcats this year!! :) 

My little outfielder....softball ready!

Group huddle/pep talk between games

What a fun, amazing, great group right there!

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Tiffanie said...

LOVE it! Sounds like lots of fun...and they look SO cute in their uniforms! We'll have to come out and watch her play sometime.