Mar 4, 2011

Softball, Softball, Softball....

Softball season has kicked off at the Pink House! It's bitter sweet. There are lots of nights when we just want to go home and sleep or watch a movie or read, but we are either on the field or in the gym. I kinda love it though and I know Brooklyn does. 

This is Brooklyn's first year to play on a "traveling" team. They are called a competitive team instead of a traveling team, but for people who have ever been to Atoka....who doesn't call that ball competitive?? haha. So last night was the spring banquet for the Lady Wildcats. I have to say, I really enjoyed it. The 8U team wore khakis and a white shirt to the banquet to look alike. Then when their team was called out they got to put on the uniform shirt and walk out together. I nearly burst when they came out in their uniforms. Those shirts came in that very day I believe, so this was the first time any of us had seen our girls "dressed out". It sounds minor but it was a big moment for me. She looks so grown up out there playing this year too. Where has my baby gone?? She had a great time last night too, but I could tell it lasted a little long for her. By the end of the banquet she had rested her head on the table and was pretty much asleep as soon as we walked in the door.

Here are just a few pics from last night's fun:
Brooklyn with her Aunt April
 My baby and me :) Excuse the look of exhaustion on my face. It's busy week at work, and I was suffering through a migraine this evening....but it was ALL worth it to see my sweetie so happy :)

And this is the entrance to the banquet hall. I need to do a little photo editing so you can see this picture better but it will do for now. Every girl on the 5 Wildcat teams (ranging from 8U to 14U) signed that poster and gave it to the president of the organization as a thank you.
Games start next weekend and I personally cannot wait!! Go Lady Wildcats!!

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