Mar 28, 2011

Silly Girl

With the time change, it has finally allowed enough time for Brooklyn and I to go to the park after I get off work. Last week we went two days (the only two days we didn't have practice). One day we just did a lot of throwing and catching. The second day, I decided we would throw a little then I would do a mile on the track. Brooklyn was feeling extra whiny that day so that was seriously a long long mile. She complained and asked how much longer the whole time I walked/jogged. It was only a mile, so it wasn't very long, lol. 

We finished up and as we were walking to the car I checked my Nike+ app. I told Brooklyn we had burned 108 calories on our walk. And her response?

"108? I think I burned ALL of mine. I'm hungry now, can we have Taco Bell?"

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