Mar 28, 2011

On the Road Again...

....she just can't wait to get on the road again. Ok, I was pretty excited too :) 

Brooklyn had a weekend break between tournaments and we were [supposed to be] back at it this weekend. Their first game was scheduled for 9pm Friday that's not a typo...9pm!! For some 8 year olds!! Our first Saturday game was schedule for 10am so we went ahead and got a room for the night in Southaven. My plan was to get there early and get a good nap before we had to be at the field at 8:15. After we got checked in, I was arranging our clothes/uniform for that night and I saw this....
Apparently there was a baseball team checking in that day also. Actually there were several teams checking in. Our window faced the entrance and we were lucky enough to get a room right by the elevator (ugh...but kinda ironic since I gave up elevators for lent. Thank goodness we were just on the 2nd floor). 

Finally we laid down. I don't think we ever really slept for longer than 15 minutes. We hit the field that night ready for an awesome tournament weekend. We played a team that was not aware this was a coach pitch tournament so they did not do so well against us. We won the game by run rule in the 3rd inning....13-0.

The next day we were set to be at the field at 9:15. We got to bed early and set the alarm for 7 to eat breakfast. That morning, Brooklyn got the pleasure of eating breakfast with the "cute" baseball teams she stalked the afternoon before. She was in heaven. The baseball dads and I were glued to the weather channel though while we ate. A storm was headed our way and it was already wet and cold outside. The 8am games were delayed until at least noon, so we decided to take advantage of the indoor pool and hot tub at our hotel!

After the dip in the pool we checked out of the hotel and headed to meet the rest of the team at Steak and Shake, yum! All the girls got to sit together and laugh and talk. Then we all got the bad news text....tournament weekend officially cancelled :( We were all so ready to get out there and show out on the field. I was ready to watch some pop flies get caught and watch some big plays at the plate. Everyone was ready. But it just wasn't meant to be. 

Now we just have to get back in the swing of things and get ready for next weekend. The Lady Wildcats are traveling to Batesville, MS on Sunday for four games! Big big day and I hope they have a blast. I am also a little relieved that we are just doing a one day tournament. It will be busy but it means Brooklyn gets to go to a fun skating party for the coolest twins we know!! Should be a fun weekend!

Here's a few more pics from Saturday when we were watching to see what we were doing next...  

Watching the rain and hoping it would stop

Being silly as usual :)


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Tiffanie said...

Her tankini is adorable! Go Lady Wildcats!