Feb 27, 2011

The Pink House

I'm back in the blog world. I am a big blog reader. Somewhere around Blog Stalker status actually. And I've heard a lot about people (especially moms) having their blogs printed to have a copy of a year of their life or a particular journey in their lives (marriage, adoption, pregnancy, etc). Since there just isn't enough time to scrapbook anymore, I thought this would be a fun option. There are so many little details that I want to remember, but I know I will never remember them if I don't write them down. I started a blog last year but it was a mix of just everything. I think I will keep that one for those random posts that pop in my head, but this one is solely devoted to my baby girl. 

And so...."The Pink House" blog is born.....

I am pretty sure this title will change over time as I come up with something a little more catchy and when I am more on my A game, but it makes sense to me. Brooklyn and I joke about our house being "the pink house". She was 4 when we moved to where we are now and when she got used to it just being me and her in our house. It was still new to me and I had hard days, I'm not going to lie. One day we were talking about how we liked red doors on houses....sidenote: She had just recently taken some pictures and one of my favs was in front of the red doors of a church....so as we pulled up to the house she told me we should paint our door pink since this was a girl house and girls houses should be pink. She has randomly asked me since then about painting random things in the house....the living room, the kitchen, the shutters....pink and I've explained that I totally would, but we rent lol. So for now, I will document the stories in and around our "pink house".

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