Oct 30, 2011

Our 1st Concert

Ever since Brooklyn has known what a concert was, she has wanted to go to one. I don't even think it mattered who it was. She just wanted to go. I've been telling her for a while that she couldn't go until she was older or until someone kid-friendly came to town. Well, I wasn't fast enough to get tickets to the Biebs (and really didn't want to go to that), but I did snag some tickets to Taylor Swift. B loves her and I was so excited to get to take her. And to make the day even better, another mom-daughter duo that we are friends with were going too. We rode together had a good time chit chatting in the car. We even got there early enough to take pictures and get a Tshirt before the crowd got there. We grabbed a late lunch/early dinner at TGIFridays down the street and enjoyed some downtown scenery before the concert started. 

It seemed to take forever for the concert to start. B knew the concert started at 7 and she fully expected Taylor to show up on stage at 7 sharp. I explained there would be at least one opening band. Of course she hated the group that opened. I can't even remember their name. They seemed very, hmm, different from what I would expect at a TS concert. Oh well. Just when I thought B couldn't take it anymore, the lights went dim, the screen said something along the lines of "are you ready", and even I got giddy. Taylor put on a great show in my opinion. B sang along to everything even if she didn't really know the words. It was such a great mommy-daughter or girl power concert to go to. You saw a few couples but it was mostly moms and daughter, aunts and nieces, sisters, or BFFs. It was such a fun night. I hope this is a big memory of Brooklyn's, her first concert. And if she could remember that her mom was the awesome one that surprised her with tickets, that would be great too!

Jul 11, 2011

World Series - Crossville Style

This past weekend, the Lady Wildcat 8s and 10s competed in the ISA World Series in Crossville, TN (about a 5.5 hour drive). We did not get to leave as early as we wanted to on Friday and ended up in Nashville rush hour and several rain storms on our way. Needless to say, we were late. We missed most of the opening ceremonies but we were just so happy we made it there. After the opening ceremony there were skill challenges in each age group. We had some super fast runners on our team for the base running challenge. 

Brooklyn competed in the throwing accuracy challenge. There are some very skilled little 7 & 8 year olds out there!

After the challenges were completed that night, we headed back to the hotel. We still had to check in. We made it to our room and the door was already decorated with a great Wildcat poster and the #4. It was so nice!

Saturday morning, it was game time! We started the day off with a bang! A big win in the first game and a present swap with the first team of the day. There were a few rule changes the girls had to get used to out there, but all in all they did a great job. 

It was a very long, hot day for the girls and families. We even had an umpire throwing up during one of the games, it was just that hot! We spend most of our time under tents with something with ice in it and a frog tog when we weren't playing. Despite the heat, the girls took a little break from the tents to get their faces painted though. 

By the end of Saturday, we were playing in the championship game against the team we beat at the beginning of the day. Now, all of us went to Crossville under the impression this would be a two day tournament. Unfortunately it was a 2 day for every age group except the 8 year olds. We ended up playing past 11pm that night and lost a heartbreaking game. I really believe our girls could have taken home the trophy if we had the chance to play that team Sunday morning instead of late late Saturday. 

To lift their spirits after the game though, the coaches ordered pizza for the girls and somehow talked the night manager into letting the girls into the pool at midnight! He gave us 5 minutes although I think it ended up being more like 15, but whatever. I'm pretty sure he told the guy if we didn't get to jump in the pool at least once that night he would feed them all Mountain Dews and chocolate and let them run loose :) 

Jul 10, 2011

More celebrations

Besides Independence Day, we had another celebration in our little WP family. Nat and Brad got hitched! That was one of the big celebrations and reasons for us all getting together for some fun times. We are all so happy for them, and they deserve to live happily ever after. 

It was a co-ed party but most of the pics are just us girls. The men heard there was going to be a game and they quickly snuck outside to have drinks instead. Sneaky boys! We had tons of fun playing a traditional game of Loaded Questions. We seriously have the best time when we all get together. Unfortunately, I think I'm not such a good player at LQs anymore. They have figured out mine too easily now. Basically the most ridiculous answer that doesn't sound at all like me....is me. Dang it. I've gotta go bland for a while. 

All the girls
Me & LA
haha I love this picture. This would be when we decided to go out the back and drive around to the front of the house to "scare" the boys....good times

Jul 5, 2011

A Dailey Fourth!

My friend Erin was in town for the 4th of July this year. Her husband is in the Navy and they are stationed in Virginia Beach right now. Erin's parents host a 4th of July party each year for all their friends, Erin's friends and her brother's friends. Everyone is welcome. This year we went over a few days before to catch up and enjoy some pool time before the big party. This was the first time I got to introduce Jeremy to Erin. It was nice to catch up and the party was great because so many friends were there with their families. 

Like my BFF and her adorable family. 

All the kiddos had a blast playing in the pool

Even the big kids had fun too!

"Would you like some water?" lol

Throwing around the football

And last but not least, the watermelon seed spitting contest.  

Independence Day

Happy {day after} 4th of July! This year we got to take Jeremy to his first firework show in Munford. Can I just take a moment to say how I love spending holidays as a family of 3? Brooklyn and I have so many traditions for each holiday or each little community event. It has been such a nice transition to going to things as a family now. 

We packed up a quilt and our cameras, put on something to try to keep cool in this insane heat(!!) and headed to the park in Munford. The annual celebration usually starts early with the Navy band playing patriotic songs. There are little booths for food and glow in the dark necklaces, etc. Lots of teeny boppers meet up to socialize. Needless to say, we skipped most of that and just showed up in time to get a good spot in the grass and watch the fireworks. We had a good time and once Brooklyn got ahold of the camera/iPhone she took nearly 400 pictures....not sure where she gets that from. Most of the ones of the actual fireworks were taken by her. 

We got lots of pictures like this. The flash was so bright she kept closing her eyes in the picture, so this was her attempt at keeping them open. Silly girl. 

Look how tan!

Apr 3, 2011

Game Ball

We spent another weekend at the softball field. This time we traveled to Booneville, Mississippi. No offense to the place, but I hope we never play ball there again. I am pretty sure they put our girls on a Tball field that was formerly a place where people went mudding. The field was in horrible condition. We had to warn our girls to watch where they ran because there were potholes all over the field. I will always remember the horrible field, but I will also remember that Booneville is where Brooklyn earned her first game ball. 

This year has been different and difficult at times for B. On her old teams she played mostly first base. That's a busy position. Every time there is a hit, someone is coming to that base. B loved getting someone out more than she loved hitting a homerun. This year, the competition is fierce and she is playing outfield. In early years in rec league, outfield is where the younger ones go. Not that they aren't good but they aren't experienced enough to play infield. B is having a hard time understanding that now that she is bigger all positions are very important. She has also had a hard time judging distance on pop fly balls. It will come with time. They work on them constantly for our outfielders. 

In one of the games Saturday, the ball was hit into the left field. That's B's territory. She moved under the ball and caught it. I think she wanted to jump up and down but she made sure the ump called the out first. The baserunner they had on second had already run to third and was confused as to why everyone was telling her to run back. B threw the ball in and got the girl out at second (she didn't tag up before running). Not only did my baby catch a pop fly (!), she got a double play too! After the game was over (we won), her coach congratulated her and gave her the game ball. She got everyone to sign it and I dated it. We will have to put this in a case on her trophy shelf soon!

Apr 1, 2011

April Fool's!

Mark it in your calendars....April Fool's Day 2011...Brooklyn's first year to come up with her joke without any help from me and without being reminded actually. We had a rocky start to this Friday so there wasn't much time for any elaborate jokes. But when I picked up Brooklyn from school she had a big goofy grin on her face. Apparently she decided to tell her teacher this year that her mommy was getting married. Now, Brooklyn is not a good liar (I hope this carries forward to the teenage years). So I expected her to give her teacher that "I'm lying" grin as soon as she said that. Well, Brooklyn's teacher mistook the goofy grin for an "I'm really happy for my mom" grin and asked her when the wedding was. Brooklyn responded with "on April Fool's Day" (not sure where she gets the smarty attitude from). To which her teacher said "Oh today! That's great! How exciting." Brooklyn then busted out laughing and explained it was an April Fool's joke. I'm glad she pulled off a joke this year, but did it have to be at my expense?? haha. Couldn't Aunt NayNay be preggers? Or Poppie win the lottery? Or JulJul play for the Cardinals?....maybe next year...

She also told her friends at lunch that she had a fake leg. Not sure how some of them believed that since she was just in a dress for pictures a few weeks ago. Maybe it was very real looking :)

After we got home I went in the bathroom and she ran through the house turning all the lights off. Then she ran upstairs and met me at the bathroom door with this shocked look on her face. She tried telling me the electricity went off. For a split second, and I mean a tiny tiny split second, I thought "oh crap, this sucks" then I heard the tv....nice try.

Mar 28, 2011

On the Road Again...

....she just can't wait to get on the road again. Ok, I was pretty excited too :) 

Brooklyn had a weekend break between tournaments and we were [supposed to be] back at it this weekend. Their first game was scheduled for 9pm Friday night....no that's not a typo...9pm!! For some 8 year olds!! Our first Saturday game was schedule for 10am so we went ahead and got a room for the night in Southaven. My plan was to get there early and get a good nap before we had to be at the field at 8:15. After we got checked in, I was arranging our clothes/uniform for that night and I saw this....
Apparently there was a baseball team checking in that day also. Actually there were several teams checking in. Our window faced the entrance and we were lucky enough to get a room right by the elevator (ugh...but kinda ironic since I gave up elevators for lent. Thank goodness we were just on the 2nd floor). 

Finally we laid down. I don't think we ever really slept for longer than 15 minutes. We hit the field that night ready for an awesome tournament weekend. We played a team that was not aware this was a coach pitch tournament so they did not do so well against us. We won the game by run rule in the 3rd inning....13-0.

The next day we were set to be at the field at 9:15. We got to bed early and set the alarm for 7 to eat breakfast. That morning, Brooklyn got the pleasure of eating breakfast with the "cute" baseball teams she stalked the afternoon before. She was in heaven. The baseball dads and I were glued to the weather channel though while we ate. A storm was headed our way and it was already wet and cold outside. The 8am games were delayed until at least noon, so we decided to take advantage of the indoor pool and hot tub at our hotel!

After the dip in the pool we checked out of the hotel and headed to meet the rest of the team at Steak and Shake, yum! All the girls got to sit together and laugh and talk. Then we all got the bad news text....tournament weekend officially cancelled :( We were all so ready to get out there and show out on the field. I was ready to watch some pop flies get caught and watch some big plays at the plate. Everyone was ready. But it just wasn't meant to be. 

Now we just have to get back in the swing of things and get ready for next weekend. The Lady Wildcats are traveling to Batesville, MS on Sunday for four games! Big big day and I hope they have a blast. I am also a little relieved that we are just doing a one day tournament. It will be busy but it means Brooklyn gets to go to a fun skating party for the coolest twins we know!! Should be a fun weekend!

Here's a few more pics from Saturday when we were watching to see what we were doing next...  

Watching the rain and hoping it would stop

Being silly as usual :)


Silly Girl

With the time change, it has finally allowed enough time for Brooklyn and I to go to the park after I get off work. Last week we went two days (the only two days we didn't have practice). One day we just did a lot of throwing and catching. The second day, I decided we would throw a little then I would do a mile on the track. Brooklyn was feeling extra whiny that day so that was seriously a long long mile. She complained and asked how much longer the whole time I walked/jogged. It was only a mile, so it wasn't very long, lol. 

We finished up and as we were walking to the car I checked my Nike+ app. I told Brooklyn we had burned 108 calories on our walk. And her response?

"108? I think I burned ALL of mine. I'm hungry now, can we have Taco Bell?"

Mar 14, 2011

Who are we?


What do we do?

That is the chant I keep hearing over and over in my head tonight :) Well, that and the one about "chicken wangs" and breaking it down like Michael Jackson. I love hearing those chants in my head though. 

The first tournament of the spring season was this weekend in Jackson, TN right beside Pringles Park. Saturday we played two games to decide what seed we were in the actual tournament, and we won our first game 13-0. What a big boost for the girls! The second game was close, but we ended up losing 12-9 against another team from Tipton County. If you know T-County (particularly Atoka) softball, you know it is fierce. I am not one of the mom's that is going to break bad on you and show my redneck/country side, but I nearly came unglued with a few calls on the field. Luckily our coaches "informed" the umps that we were puzzled with their calls ;) By the final game of the night (the first game in the bracket) our girls were exhausted, and the Eagles ran away with it (with the help of some more fun calls....seriously, I thought they were calling a football game at one point).

We drove home at 8:30 pm, home by 10 and straight to bed....did I mention this happened to be time change weekend....fun stuff! Up at 7, out the door at 7:30, Walmart stop for new chairs, breakfast stop in Brownsville and warming up on the field at 9...whew. 
Our girls dominated their first game and played hard in the second game to pull out two big wins. And ya know where else those games got us?? The championship game!! That's right! First tourney of the spring season, first games with this group of girls together and we made it! Despite their best effort, we had one inning that really hit us hard and ended up losing the championship game. But tonight, I'm going to bed as one very proud momma!! A tired one, but a proud one. And if you are keeping track that's 6 games this weekend...and 12 hours at the ball field for us. My goal for the next game is to keep track of Brooklyn's statistics. Yesterday, she had a double, a single (error on first got her to second), an RBI and one out. No strikeouts, ladies and gentlemen!! I got so into it today it was very hard to know how they all did as individuals. I guess that is a good thing though. This is a team effort and I am so glad that we have a great group of coaches showing them that. We are very proud of be Lady Wildcats this year!! :) 

My little outfielder....softball ready!

Group huddle/pep talk between games

What a fun, amazing, great group right there!